Activation Procedure

Once we have activated your account, the process to activate your mobile phone on the system is as simple as dialling a network code to trigger the conditional divert.

Firstly, dial the number exactly as it appears in the text message that was sent to you:

Activation Step 1

(Please note the full network code required to activate will be sent to you in the email and text message).

It's important that you dial the network activation code exactly as it appears in your setup instructions otherwise the process will not complete.

Once you have dialled the number you will receive a screen similiar to the following:

Activation Step 1

IMPORTANT: If following activation, you do not receive a message on screen that states success/succeeded/successful at the top, the activation has not completed correctly and the system will not work. Please contact us for further assistance to resolve this.

Following activation we suggest making a test call to confirm activation has been successful. Using another phone, make a call to your mobile - reject this call, and you should then receive a text message a few seconds later with the number displayed.

Remember - we offer full support with activation issues!


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