Do you offer a free trial?

When we started out Show Me The Number back in 2014, unmasking withheld calls was unheard of. We regularly received contact from potential customers accusing us of selling something that was impossible.

At that time we felt we had to offer a free trial just so people could see we weren't selling the impossible, scamming or telling porkies about the technology we offer.

Fast forward 4 years, and thousands of happy customers, we're reputable enough in the market that we feel we no longer need to offer a free trial. We do however offer the following:

Online Demo:

Our online demo page works in real time, you can place any phone on with-held (or prefix the call with 141), and dial our test number. We'll then display your real number on our demo page. Visit our demo page now to try.

Quibble Free Cancellation/Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason our service cannot be activated on your handset/network, you can cancel at any time - we don't hassle you with questions.

We'll also refund you in full if you cancel within 7 days subject to the service being unused. If you have used the service to unmask calls within this period we will consider a pro-rata refund of the unused portion of the month.


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